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At KAW ENTERPRISE LLC, I offer a captivating story that transports readers on an unforgettable journey to learn how a life of grace can be corrupted by the influences of the streets.

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Author Katrina Williams’s new book “Don’t Play with God” is a captivating tale of a man who, despite being raised in God’s love by his mother, is drawn to the streets.

Katrina Williams, a lifelong storyteller and proud mother to her son, has completed her new book “Don’t Play with God”: a stirring narrative of one man’s fall from a life of living in God’s grace, and his attempts to reclaim his place in the Kingdom of Heaven while maintaining his life on the streets.
“Who are you pretending to be?” writes Williams. “How long do you think you can get away with living
wrong and no consequences? Someone is always watching, if so, who? Is this part of the guilt to think
someone is watching? Travis is raised by a single mother, a churchgoing mother who instilled in her
kids that they should always put God first. Travis did not have the best of everything, but what he did
have his mother thought she provided the best for him and for his siblings. His mother kept Travis in
church and away from the streets. But as Travis grew older, he stayed in church but swayed from what he was taught. Does he live by the streets and forget God or try to incorporate both?
“Could the hunger for what was never had destroy the life as he knew it, or will he reach to God and
turn back to the church? Tina, Randy, and Travis have known each other since childhood. Tina and
Travis are childhood sweethearts, and they will ride or die to the end for each other. Randy is always
the bad guy, no parents. The streets raised him. He had everything Travis did not. Travis envied Randy,
and when they got the opportunity to work together, they came up with a plan that works for them or
does it. Can they keep incorporating God and the streets and face no consequence?
All these questions will be answered.”
Published by Page Publishing, Katrina Williams’s compelling character-driven tale will take readers on
an unforgettable journey to discover how a life of grace can become corrupted by the influences of the

Cover of the Book Do Not Play With GOD

Expertly paced and delivering a critical lesson on following God’s plan and avoiding temptation,
“Don’t Play with God” will leave readers on the edge of their seats right up until its stunning conclusion.
Readers who wish to experience this enlightening work can purchase “Don’t Play with God” at
bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and


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